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Private Funding -How Can You Invest?


Sell Your House Quickly NOW

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

We are real estate investors in the Washington State market who regularly buy and sell properties. We truly enjoy what we do because it affords us the opportunity to help others who may find themselves in a tough spot; it is a rewarding occupation.

We are always looking for the opportunity to involve private money lenders in the funding of properties that we purchase at well below market value. As investors and expert consultants, we see value in properties that others do not see. We would like to create and commit to establishing a long-lasting, win-win relationship with other investors in this rewarding endeavor. We would like to offer you a chance to get on board.

Given today’s financial uncertainties, it is paramount to us that our partners feel secure when they work with us. All properties we invest in are well below market value and rich with equity therefore offering a prime opportunity for a fantastic return. We can typically offer to pay a much higher return on your money than you would traditionally receive by investing in saving bonds, an interest bearing bank account, or a certificate of deposit.

In order to provide you with financial security in our dealings your funds are sent directly by you to escrow ensuring transparent transactions along the way. The homes we invest in vary, as does our funding opportunities. We have partners that fund entire rehab projects and others that exclusively fund the rehab costs of the properties we purchase; the choice is up to you. In order to further ensure that your investment is a lucrative one, you will also have the second lien position in all the transactions you fund with us.

Doesn’t this sound like a great opportunity? We can tell you that it is because we are personal investors ourselves. We believe in the process and the benefits of the outcomes so we want to pass along our good fortune.



Sell Your House Quickly NOW

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