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Yellow Ribbon Ventures, LLC is a real estate consulting firm that specializes in purchasing homes and flipping them shortly thereafter. We have an active team of professionals who go out into the community and seek out homes that are up for auction, in need of repair, are in danger of foreclosure or have motivated sellers in need of a quick sale. Once these homes are acquired our second team of experts brings the homes up to marketability and then we resell the homes for a profit.

Why have we chosen to do this? Simple….we are committed to helping those within our community. Courtney Lindsay, our leader and owner, is active military helping to keep our country safe every day. Kate Lindsay, our co-owner and Acquisitions Manager, also serves the community as an RN at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Lindsays have seen a serious need in our community because there are so many people who bought homes during the housing boom who are now under water in terms of their mortgages. By offering their teams services to the community these folks feel like they are giving back to the community that has supported them throughout the years.


Avery & Makayla recommend Yellow Ribbon Ventures LLC!


Sell Your House Quickly NOW



Christopher Yelm, WA

“We needed to move in 30 days because of a new job position in Ohio. I got a flyer from Yellow Ribbon Ventures LLC at just the right time. I was skeptical to call at first, but then we gave them a call and our need to sell our house was met…and we paid no closing cost!”

Bridget Tacoma, WA

“We contacted Yellow Ribbon Ventures, LLC because we were overwhelmed due to a death in the family. We were 2 hours away from my parent home and we needed to sell fast or the home was going to head towards foreclosure. We couldn’t make the monthly mortgage payments and had a family grieving. Yellow Ribbon Ventures allowed us time to focus on what matters the most while they took care of the home.


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We aim to help each of our clients achieve what they dream. Let us know how we can help today!



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